Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hi hi to all,

We're back from our holiday!
Spent a week in Aussie land......visited SeaWorld, MovieWorld......Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane.

Will try to upload some pix here.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4th Birthday Party in School

BATMAN CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad & Mum....Philippines March09

That's the service apartment Daddy stays in Philippines,.....Mummy flew over to join Daddy while he was there for his business trip.
During her short stay there.....shopping, is mummy's main job....hahahhaa :)

DAD & MUM.....Japan on Dec08

Bag Baggy Baggies.......

Hi All,

Sorry for not updating here regularly.
Lately Mummy has been very busy with : WORK, ONLINE BUSINESS, MARVIC, MARVEN, FAMILY....etc etc.

My mummy has started her Online Buiness.....mainly in Branded Bags items......and she's been so busy with so many things to handle at a time.

Do take a few minutes off your time and visit mum's webby :)



Thursday, December 04, 2008

New School Terms - Jan 09

Mummy has took leave and met up with my centre's principle.

She has signed up the following enrichment class for me starting January 2009 :
1. Communications Arts (by Julias Gabriel)
2. Computer (by Julias Gabriel)
3. Phonics (by MaxPlorer)

The above will be on a weekly schedule and trainer will come to my current school.

Now it seems like with the change of the principle, the curriculum of my school has changed and improved so much.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas's round the corner....

ho ho ho ho.......SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!!!!
Christmas coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing all a wonderful festive celebrations!

Holiday without me & Marven

Hi all,
It's been so long since I last wrote on my Blog.
Time flies and now is going to reach end Nov08.
Christmas is just round the corner, and there after will be the Chinese New Year!

Very soon, I'll be 4yrs old! Really looking forward to my birthday cos I really love singing the Birthday Song & blowing of the candles on the cake!

Next week, Mummy & Daddy will be going for their holiday to Japan (6days). This time round, myself & marven will not be going cos Mum says it's too cold now and she's not ready to bring us to COLD countries yet.

However, my maternal granny will be going with them.

It has been my *ah ma's* wish to visit Japan, thus Mum has decided to bring Ah-Ma along for this trip.

Hope they will enjoy themselves and buy me and Marven lots of pressies!

Since it's near Christmas, guess Mum will be doing lots of her Christmas shopping there!

Stay tune for the Japan photos soon.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Huggies Diapers

Hi all,

Do you use Huggies diapers / pull-ups for your babies?
I can get at special price.
Selling price in NTUC Fairprice :
Huggies Comfort Dry - S$18.95
Huggies Pull-Up - S$16.95

Please allow 5days for stocks to be ready.
Self-collect at :
Hougang, Sengkang or Punggol - MRT Stn.
All other locations, to be arranged privately.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Farm Visit @ Compasspoint

Me on tractor visiting the *man-made* farm at Compasspoint!

So Fun!

Swimming Time!

Here, we went to Auntie Angel's house at Changi for a swim.....& I love it so much!

See, we are enjoying ourselves!


Daddy bought me a new bicycle & helmet!

See....here I am!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Chinese lesson (Tien Xia or Berries)

Mummy ~

Lately, I have been extremely busy with the boys, the new house, etc etc.
Concurrently, I am also busy looking for Chinese Lessons for Marvic.

Have been to Tien Xia and also going to visit Berries.

Been receiving advise and comments that to start him at Berries will be a better choice.....etc etc.
well, it's really difficult for me to decide now as i'd yet to visit Berries to make a comparison.

Does any of you send your kiddos to either of the above school? Please leave me a message on your experience. Thanks.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Mummy ~

Hi all,
It's September! Time really flies.
A quick updates for all.

This month, will be a very busy month for me and Max.
Our new house's reno expected to be completed by 2nd week of September. Thus, will have lots & lots of cleaning to do,...then follow by packing and unpacking for our official moving over on 4th Oct!

Kinda excited and looking forward to that! Really yearns for having my own house,...for having my own personal space.

Looking back, we have been staying over at in-law's house since Dec07,...and it's now a good 9mths stay! There's always pros & cons for staying with in-laws.

Let's go to the pros :
1. MIL will help me look after the kids whenever we're busy with work
2. MIL will be able to help me fetch Marvic to/from school
3. MIL will be able to help me *eyed* on my maid and also help me look after Marven
4. Home-cooked dinners are always ready for us

Next, are the cons :
1. No privacy
2. Noisy mahjong sessions on every weekends (very annoying)
3. Very restricted
4. Whatever I do, must always bear in mind,..to avoid any unhappiness

Overall conclusion.......still wanna have my own house and enjoy the privacy!

Oh yah,....another occassion to celebrate this month will be our wedding anniversary! 14th Sep!
That'll be our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Stay tune!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Latest Updates.....

hi all friends, sorry that I have been so busy lately that I hardly have the time to blog on my boys progress.

Well, let me now first slowly re-cap and update of what's been happening or taken place for the last 2 months,

Now, Marvic is 3yrs+4mths old. He's a big boy now and he now understands Chinese! He starts to speak some mandarin and ofcoz he speaks like ang-mor speaking mandarin........ :)

Marvic has officially started his Little Learner Class with I-Can-Read @Kovan on every Wednesday from 7pm-8.30pm. Can you imagine? I finish work at 5.30pm, rush home to fetch him (my MIL would fetch him from the childcare centre at around 5pm, bath him and let him have dinner). By the time I reached Sengkang, is about 6.15pm. My MIL will bring him to SK MRT station and I'll then take over from there.

It's a good time to bond with him while we take the train to Kovan. He enjoys taking train! He would tell me lots & lots of stories about trains! All from his own imagination, i must say.

Then, at Kovan, I will bring him to his class and once he settles in, then I will go for my dinner while waiting for him to finish his class at 8.30pm. If Max is in town, he will go there to meet me and we have dinner together, but if he's overseas, then I will have dinner alone and wait for my boy. It's tiring, but it's worth it!

Then, on every Friday, Marvic will have to attend his Chinese enrichment class. It's a home enrichment lesson organised by forum mummy! It's once a week on every Friday from 7.30pm-8.30pm @ $15 per lesson. For this, I will have to bring him to Hougang St 91. As for that, i will only have my dinner after his lesson at 8.30pm. While the kids haivng their class, the mummies all will sit around and chit-chat in the living room.

My free time on weekdays are Mon, Tue & Thur....but these days are reserved for my Marven!

As for my weekends, it is solely reserved for Family Time & Outings! As Max travels, thus weekends is very precious to spend together with him.

Well, another update.
From now on, my free days on weekdays & weekends will be busy with my house renovation and shopping for household stuffs.
Our official renovation will start tomorrow, 30th July 2008, and hand-over to me on 15th Sep 2008. Our official selected move-in date will be on 4th Oct 2008, thus I will be super duper busy with the cleaning and furnishing of the house till we have totally settled in. Come to think of it, I'll have to start packing & unpacking soon! Another tiring process.
Now crossing my fingers and pray that the reno process will be smooth sailing........ :)

i will try to take some pix of my house and upload once reno completed. Stay tune!

Monday, May 05, 2008




Pix Part 3


Part 2 pix


Just some pix to share